Innovations Rubbers

Dynamic Tension

Dynamic Tension - this is the speed glue effect of a new generation! The new development stands for maximum speed, extreme rotation and an unbelievable catapult effect. The new sponge structure and the special glueing technique enlarge the contact time between ball and rubber during the topspin. The ball gets noticeably more catapult, you will feel a new speed-dimension. The special speed-feeling makes Dynamic Tension technology a real weapon for modern offensive players.

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The TSP Ventus series features the innovative Optimized Rotation Concept rubber technology. This technology with a new, open-pore sponge design, guarantees longer ball contact which results in significantly more rotational energy transfer on the ball. In addition, the Optimized Rotation Concept enables a higher ball trajectory and provides for fantastic control in your play in addition to dangerous spin variants!

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JG Combi

German innovation spirit meets Japanese precision! With the Ventus rubber series, TSP has taken rubber development to the next level. The TSP Ventus series is the result of Japan Germany Combination, i.e. a close cooperation of Japanese product developers and German designers, combining many decades of experience in rubber design with state-of-the-art production methods.

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